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Casino Winning Odds

Mathematics play the most important role in the online casino. The mathematicians who developed the the rules of the various games that give the house its guaranteed wins are some of the casinos' most valued consultants. Slot machines are easy - they are programmed to pay back a certain amount of the money deposited and wagered on them. The random number generator, an essential element in many different computers, determines when jackpots are hit, how many, and how much. No one is able to tell when it will happen, therefore is very important to play the most popular online casinos. Sure, you can win at the slot machines - they all hit jackpot, and it's all about luck to when this will happen.

Video poker is different, however. With the video poker you can actually reduce the house advantage to zero. But to beat the house advantage, you have to get your share of top prices - royal flush, or whatever the top price is, but the video poker gives you some control over the results by making your decision matter. A good player will have a better idea which cards to keep and which to discard.

That's why you have a better chance to win when you play games in which you have control over the outcome.

Poker 9% of pot 4 % of pot
Blackjack 20% or more 1% edge to player
Sports Betting 9% of winning bet 4% winning bet
Craps 15.66% 0.41%
Roulette 6.89% 0.35%
Baccarat 13.1% 0.17%
Slots 20% and more 2% or less
Video Poker 20% and more 0% or less
Keno 25% 25%

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