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Casino games you can win

The house advantage is found in all casino games, but in some games, the decision you make can reduce the house edge to its minimum, and you can give yourself more than an even chance of winning.

Blackjack is the only table game where the player can actually attain an edge over the casino. The blackjack players face a house advantage between five and ten percent. There is no set house advantage, because different rules affect the house advantage - deck of cards, betting restriction, etc. Most online casinos will publish their blackjack payout, which is usually inspected by an independent party. By applying a basic strategy you can reduce the house edge. Again, how much will you reduce it, depends on the rule variations, but basic strategy gives blackjack players their best chance to win.

The house has no advantage in poker, so to make money, the casinos will charge a "rake" - a percentage of total wagers. The rake varies in most online poker rooms, but because poker is a game of skill, your decisions are all-important.
In poker, your opponents are the other players, not the casino, so if you are skilled at poker, you should have the opportunity to win at least your share of the pots.

Sports Betting
The reason you can win betting on sports is that, unlike most casino games lick blackjack or craps, sport events are rarely played under ideal conditions. Weather, and injuries all affect the outcome of games. But the most important reason you can profit from sports is that the odds makers set the lines based on how they believe the public will bet on the sporting event, not on which team or player should prevail.

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