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Casino Games You Could Win

Some games have a hefty house advantage and the results will almost always and up favoring the casinos. But by intelligent and skillful use of betting strategies, and your bank roll, you at least have the chance of winning.

Statistically, the second-best bet at the casino is found on the craps table. The bettor is only backing a 1.4% disadvantage when playing the pass or don't pass lines. And when you add the odds bet, the casino edge can be reduced to less than 0.2%. To get such an advantage, however, you must risk a good deal of money.

The casino's most glamorous game, the bank bet on the baccarat table is the casino's most advantageous bet. With a house edge of 1.17%, baccarat offers one of the best chances to win. The complicated rules have no bearing on the way you play the games.

One of the world's most popular casino game, the American version of roulette is one of the worst bets in the casino. Roulette is an enjoyable game, but there are few opportunities to use either strategy or money management to combat those casino odds.

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