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Casino Winning Odds

There are some games at the online casino that should be avoided at all costs. Barring a lucky streak akin to being struck by lightning, these games are weighted so much in the casino's favor it is foolish to even consider playing them. Avoid the temptation at all costs.

Sic Bo
Sic Bo is the Oriental version of the Big Six Wheel that could be found at the land based casinos. Instead of a wheel, it uses dice in a cage. On most bets, the house edge ranges between 8 and 48 percent. The only reasonable bet is the "big" and "small" which offers a 2.8% house advantage.

The relative of the bingo, Keno is actually more like a lottery. From a pool of 80 numbers, you can pick anywhere between on and 20 number. The odds are determined by each online casino, but the house edge is usually over 20%. There are keno players who swear they can beat the hefty disadvantage they face while playing keno.

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