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Online Casinos 101

Online gambling, and more precise, online casino gambling emerged in the early 90's with the boom of the Internet, and as the best alternative to the brick-and-mortar casinos we all know. There are a fey things you should take in consideration before playing online casinos:

The Law - know it before you start playing - research if online gambling is legal in your country, state, or region.

Choose the Right Casino - don't just click the first online casino pop-up you see. As a matter of fact, never click a popup, if you are not at a casino website. Choose your casino wisely, that is, rely on information from established gambling portals only, where you could check out the forum postings, other people's experience with the casino, and terms and conditions of playing the casino.

Customer Service - Make sure the casino has an accurate customer support. Although rare, sometimes you need to contact the customer service, and it's extremely frustrating dealing with a bad one. Send them an message, and even call them, before you decide to play - don't be shy, that's what they are there for.

Casino Bonuses - The casino bonus is the most common tool for attracting players, and a few hundred free dollars are always welcome by the players. See which casino offers a good sign-up bonus, and check the "comp" points - the free money bonus you accumulate while you play.

Play for free - All reputable online casinos offer a "play for free" - you can create a free casino account, and play any casino game with " fake" $2,000. Take advantage of this feature, and see if you like the casino.
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