Real bomb.

I have three rules: 1) never play when you are drunk, 2) don’t tell anyone about your winnings, 3) donate 10% of your winnings anonymously to charities every month.

You might laugh at the third sentence, but I don’t want to waste the money. For me, it’s a way to be happy about winning.

Great, it’s already 2 o’clock. See you soon, THANK YOU FOR THIS OUTSTANDING PAGE, and good luck playing.

Thank you for your interesting email. It is nice to see that you are making an effort to join roulette seriously and with inner discipline – this is very important. I also really like your charity idea, I haven’t heard that from players in a long time, but I can understand you very well.

In the past I once bet a lot of money on a competition and I lost. My financial situation at the time wasn’t that bad, but I felt sorry for the loss. I was pissed off when I walked out of the betting shop where I saw the results.

I saw an old gray-haired man at the entrance. He just wrote his tips and looked in vain for the money in his pockets.